Child Health

Healthy Child Programme

The HCP team can support children, young people and families with a variety of issues, including feeding and nutrition, behaviour and sleep management, parenting issues, maternal mental health, emotional health and child protection issues.

Telephone: 01273 696011 ext 5267



Childhood illness visual guide

Use this visual guide to help you identify common conditions and illnesses that may affect your child. Includes conditions such as measles, slapped cheek syndrome, chicken pox and warts.

Website: NHS: Visual Guide for Childhood illnesses

West Sussex County Council Children's Social Care Support

Use the contact details below if you have a general enquiry about children’s social care.

Telephone: 01403 229900

Website: Contact us for children’s social care support


Vaccination planner

Download a personalised vaccination calendar, which highlights the dates your child needs to have their vaccinations by.

Website: NHS: Vaccination Schedule