Annual Health Checks

What is an Annual Health Check?

A paramedic practitioner will holistically review the client, with an accompanying carer of health problems.

We might ask you things like; ‘what activities do you enjoy or not like to do?’

We will discuss health promotion, chronic illness, epilepsy, swallowing problems, behaviour and specific syndrome checks.

Things we might do; we might look in your ears, listen to your chest and weigh you.

We would like to know how best to communicate with you and/or your carer. We would like to offer you support to manage your own health and health conditions. Together we will complete a health action plan specifically designed for you, and any health problems identified in our health check detailing your on-going health plans.

Why is an Annual Health Check Important?

Research demonstrates that people with learning disabilities have greater health needs and more health problems than that of the general population. People with learning disabilities might have difficulty accessing primary care and have lower uptake rates of routine screening.

People with learning disabilities are at greater risk of hearing loss, eczema, acid reflux, thyroid disorders, obesity, mental health problems and Parkinson’s disease.

Attending an annual health review is important as we can assess a persons health, lifestyle, medication and risk associated to health and wellbeing.

Meet the Team


For those who may be hesitant, afraid or within residential care, please contact us for a downloadable picture of our LD team member to add to a social story.

We are now offering virtual annual health reviews. A team member can video or telephone call you to discuss any health needs you might have, should you not be able to attend the surgery in person.