Online Services

With our online services through ‘SystmOnline’ you can now access your local GP services at home, work or on the move – wherever you can connect to the internet. What’s more, because ‘SystmOnline’ is a 24 hour online service you can do this in your own time, day or night.

With SystmOnline you can:

  • book an appointment
  • order repeat prescriptions and request medication
  • view your Summary Care Record (specific consent required)
  • change your contact details
  • take part in our practice questionnaires and surveys

These will only include routine GP appointments, blood tests, cervical screening and smoking cessation.

Guidance on how to use the service can be found below.

Download the SystmOnline app on the Google Play store.
Download the SystmOnline app on the App Store.

Access the appointments system.

Registering for Online Services with ‘SystmOnline’

The registration is simple – You can either to come into the practice to complete a consent form or you can complete the Register for Online Services form. Once we have updated our records and registered you at the practice to use the online services we will issue you with a username and password.

Parents will be able to have a username and password for their children. Similarly, carers of people with disabilities will be able to take a username and password for them.

Logging in to SystmOnline

Once you have received a username and a random password, log into theĀ SystmOnline web module.

Enter your user name and password and click ‘Login’. You will then see the SystmOnline home page, which shows your details and Fitzalan Medical Group’s contact details at the top.

You can navigate to all the online services from here, and can return to the home page by clicking ‘Home’ in the blue menu bar, or by clicking the ‘Back’ button on any page.

Managing Prescriptions with SystmOnline

For certain drugs, you can request a new prescription.

Click the ‘Current Prescriptions’ link on the home page, or the ‘Current Prescriptions’ button on the main menu bar.

All current repeat prescriptions are listed with the drug, dosage, quantity, last issued date and status. An empty tick box in the left-hand column means you can ask for a new prescription for that drug.

To request a repeat prescription:

  • Select the drug by ticking the box in the left-hand column. If the item you require is not listed or if you need to include further information with your request, type the details into the ‘Medication Request Notes’ field. When providing this information, you should bear in mind that it may be visible to all practice staff
  • Click ‘Request Medication’. The medication order summary is displayed, stating that a request has been sent to the practice to re-prescribe the item(s)
  • Click ‘Return to Current Medication’ to return to the current prescriptions page where the status of the drug will show that it has been requested

Changing your SystmOnline Password

You will initially be given a random password but you can change this to something more memorable. Passwords must be eight or more characters long and must contain at least one number and one non-alphanumeric character, e.g. ‘!’ or ‘?’

  • Click the ‘Change Password’ link on the home page
  • Enter the current password
  • Enter the new password
  • Re-enter the new password
  • Click ‘Submit’. You are advised to memorise the new password, and not to write it down or disclose it to anyone else
  • Click ‘Back’

If you forget your password

You can either contact the surgery and request a new password or if you have provided us an email address you will be able to do this by clicking the ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ link.

Accessing Your Medical Record Online

You can now access your coded medical records via our online system. Please read our Patient Information Leaflet for more information and the benefits of access. Records viewed will only show from 1st April 2016 onwards.

If you wish to apply to see your record, please login to SystemOnline with your username and password and request access, or ask at reception. Please allow 28 days to process your request.

For more information, please read What You Need To Know About Your GP Online Records.